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The fight against cancer is filled with inspirational stories about people.  People who dedicate their lives to helping others, pour their entire selves into a cause greater than themselves, and give everything to see a smile on the face of someone in need.  On this page, we celebrate those people and the difference they make every single day.  Their stories deserve to be heard and their impact deserves recognition and support.

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Launched in 2005, Pink Heart Funds is a non-profit, 501c3 charity that provides cranial prosthetics (wigs) for children and adults with cancer-related hair loss.  Pink Heart Funds also provides women with free breast prosthetics and post-mastectomy bras as well as a resource for those seeking support or advice.

Pink Heart Funds founder, JoAn Niceley, knows firsthand the emotional and psychological impact of cancer and the determination necessary to get through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.  A hairstylist since 1978, JoAn was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2002 and has dedicated her life to helping others receiving cancer treatment.  Prior to her diagnosis, she was assisting women with cancer find comfortable, natural looking wigs. Pink Heart Funds Center provides a place for cancer patients to relax in a comfortable and private atmosphere.

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Originally started in June 2021, the Citrus Colorectal Cancer Foundation was made to guide those affected by colorectal cancer to the proper resources. 

CitrusCRC strives to connect every colorectal cancer patient with the proper resources to better aid their treatment.

The Citrus Colorectal Cancer Foundation was originally established in June of 2021, the one-year "cancerversary" of their founder, Karen Fisher. Karen worked with her gastroenterologist, Dr. Trupti Shinde, and her colorectal surgeon, Dr. Parth Patel, to create the foundation.  Their mission is to get resources into every scoping center in America. They know that getting diagnosed with colorectal cancer can be a whirlwind, as they've have been there before. They know the emotional toll of treatment, and they know how alone and bewildered it can make a person feel. It does not have to be this way.