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We're a home goods store with a purpose.  We donate half of our profit to cancer research, treatment, and care.   

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

We're here to help those fighting
today and those who will fight 

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Jack n Sam LLC is a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society.  Our donations benefit their mission to free the world from cancer.  

More Cancer Resources. 
We're not affiliated with these organizations, but they are two of our favorites making a difference in the fight against cancer.  

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Our Story

Jack n Sam was founded in 2022 to make a difference in the fight against cancer.  Far too many people have felt the devastating impacts of this horrible disease.  Our mission, with your help, is to do everything we can to aid those who are fighting today or will fight tomorrow.  That's why we'll donate half of our profits to cancer research, treatment, and care.  From our first customer to our last, every order will make a difference.  We cannot make an impact without you, so thank you!

Why "Jack n Sam"

Jack and Sam were the gentle, loving, and loyal labs of an amazing woman who lost her battle with cancer in 2021.  They were always by her side.  They provided comfort in her fight and were lost when she left them.  They will always represent her impact on this world and the battle that so many are going through each and every day.  What better boys to guide us in our journey?  

Why an Online Home Goods Store

Our founder grew up in retail.  From weekends pushing carts at a local big box store to leading large teams in the corporate world.  After his mom (Jack and Sam's mom) lost her battle with cancer he decided that his best chance to help others in need would be to apply his years of experience helping customers.  Customers are important to every business, but to Jack n Sam, customers are our partners in this fight.  We cannot make a difference without our customers, you are the lifeblood of our mission, and we'll do everything in our power to provide an outstanding experience along the way. 

So, thank you!  

Matt and Family

Our Founders

Susan Schultz

Our Inspiration

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Jack n Sam

Our Namesake

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