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We're a small business trying to make a difference and our customers are everything!  Use the Contact Us form below and our owner will respond to you directly.  No matter the topic, no matter the question, you are our priority!    


A positive experience with every product we sell is paramount to our mission.  If you've experienced anything less use the Contact Us form below to initiate a return.  

Within 30 days, we'll refund your order.


Every product we sell ships from US based suppliers.  Our goal is for every order to ship within 7 business days.  

Use the Contact Us form below to request tracking information any time, but especially if you're order is not received within 10 business days.


Half of our entire net pretax profit is donated to cancer research, treatment, and care.  We've partnered with The American Cancer Society to ensure our donations will truly make an impact in the fight against cancer.

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